Minimize Risks, Save Time and Cut Costs of Import from China

We offer complex service, dealing with import from A-Z help importers optimize import from China. We are identifying top suppliers, managing communication in Chinese, ordering goods directly from producers in China, consolidating orders, conducting pre-shipment inspections, organizing logistics, and more!

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Importing from China is exciting, but can be challenging

Finding reliable suppliers and communicating with them consume a significant amount of your time. Misunderstandings happen, causing frustration and leading to delays in your orders. Handling complex or OEM products requires even more time and know-how.

Despite your best efforts, there is still uncertainty. In most cases, you haven’t visited producers or checked product in person. You never know if the products will be delivered and meet your expectations.

We understand the challenges importers face, and we simplify the process! As your Partner in China, our company will find the best suppliers, handle communication and negotiations, place orders, conduct on-site inspections, consolidate multiple orders in our warehouse in China, and provide many more services to support your business.

How does collaboration with your company look like?

We are an international company with branches in Poland, China, Hongkong, Singapore and Vietnam, offering comprehensive import services to clients worldwide. We handle research, negotiations, communication, and cultural nuances. Serving as your Partner in China, we oversee import orders at every stage, ensuring the security of your orders and money. We specialize in importing finished products, components, OEM products, facilitate laboratory tests in China, but also machinery and injection molds. Our services cover the entire import process, from verification of producers, through payments and inspecting products before shipping to Poland and managing all required formalities. Let our experience and on-site presence in China work to your advantage.

What are the benefits?

Our main benefits include

Save time

We will find the best producers, communicate with them in Chinese, negotiate prices, managing production, efficiently manage all your orders and logistics!

Minimize risks

Supplier verification, ordering samples from multiple sellers for comparison, consolidating samples and orders, and conducting on-site inspections before shipment!

Cut costs

We can find cheaper suppliers and negotiate better prices, use our warehouse to consolidate orders into one shipments that will lower logistics costs!

Our Happy Clients!

I’ve been working with these guys for 4 years now! Started with a big project – finding 30 suppliers and creating whole series of products under my own brand. Nailed it! These folks know their stuff and always have my back.


Matthew M.

I needed a partner in China to handle finding suppliers, negotiations, and bundling orders into one container. I wanted to focus on sales and growing my company, not sourcing. They aced it! Total lifesavers!


Alice C.

Working in a production company, we were losing the competitive edge . I shared technical drawings of parts and they found us much cheaper parts. Thanks to them, we’re back in the game!


Marcin S.

Supporting importers

Our features and services

Suppliers sourcing

Searching for the best suppliers of the product

Ordering goods

Paying to suppliers in local currency Yuan (RMB)

Warehouse Consolidation

Consolidate orders in one of our warehouses


Product under customer's brand and designs


Communicating in native language with suppliers


Organizing export, local and international logsitics

In-house inspection

Checking goods, taking videos and photos of products


Checking goods in labolatory in China, gathering documnets


Checking suppliers capital, establish date, negative data etc

Ordering samples

Buying samples from different sellers and checking

Reverse engineering

Production base on the products provided by customer


On-site inspection in the producer's location

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The client provides detailed information, including photos, specifications, links, and product details. We then start by searching for suitable factories. After identifying the best manufacturers, we verify their capabilities through on-site visits. Negotiations follow, and transactions are finalized. Payments are made locally in Yuan (RMB). We manage production and post-production inspections, organize logistics within China, and consolidate shipments in our warehouses for orders with multiple items. Each box is labeled according to client requirements. For product issues, we can return goods to the seller for replacement. Subsequently, we handle international logistics, export customs clearance, and assist the client with the import process. The goods are delivered directly to the client’s warehouse door.

We charge a fee based on the order value, type of goods, number of products in one order and order frequency. The fee starts from 2% for large orders values, particularly when ordering products from a single seller. The percentage may vary depending on the complexity and scale of our services.

We don’t have a strict minimum order requirement, but we usually start working with customers what orders starts from $5,000 to $10,000. On average, the value of each product in an order shouldn’t be less than $1,000.

For instance, a customer who wants to purchase 12 products with a total value of $5,000. While the overall order value meets our criteria, the average product price would be $5,000/12 = $417. To comply with our minimum product value, the customer would need to either reduce the number of products per order to 5, achieving a $1,000 average per product, or increase the order size to $12,000 to maintain the desired average product value.

To ensure the best services and maintain transparency with our customers, we have established a minimum order value for several reasons:

  1. Optimizing Cost Savings: Small orders in many cases don’t us offer customers accessing the most competitive offers when importing from China. The combined costs of logistics and our fees negate any potential savings for customers.

  2. Efficient Logistics: Consolidating and delivering goods from various suppliers is not cheap. When the value of individual orders is small the expenses with transporting and managing orders to our warehouse can be too high.

  3. Negotiation Leverage: Larger orders provide us with greater negotiating power when dealing with suppliers. This allows us to leverage our strengths to secure better terms and prices for cusotmers. Too small orders are reducing the benefits for our customers.

  4. Optimizing Resource Allocation: With limited time and resources, we aim to focus on projects that have a significant impact on our customers. By concentrating on larger orders, we can provide exceptional service and substantial savings, making a more meaningful difference for our customers. As a result, we prioritize projects where customers can achieve substantial benefits, while smaller orders may not bring significant cost advantages for them.

We exclusively work with companies and primarily offer B2B services. In most cases, individuals may find it challenging to meet the minimum order requirements for our services to be cost-effective.

If we start working together, you’ll provide us with product details and quantities. We’ll conduct market research to find the best suppliers. After verifying and negotiating prices, you’ll make an advance payment based on the proforma invoice. During production, we may send an inspector to check the order. Once the inspection is complete, you’ll receive a report and need to pay the remaining balance for the goods and logistics. We’ll then handle international logistics and export from China. After the goods depart from the Chinese port, we’ll prepare final documents for import purposes. You’ll receive the final invoice from our Singapoer company and packing list for standard goods. For items requiring additional documents, such as toys, you’ll also receive a declaration of conformity from the producers.

Selecting a supplier is one of the most important point. Choosing right  supplier ensures good-quality goods and smooth processes. 

We practically do not rely on English-language portals. Our office staff in China searches for many suppliers in Chinese. We compare often compare 20-30 or even more offers for each product. We verify each company and chose top 3-5 suppliers different price ranges. Searching for a suppliers takes a lot of time.

Are you ready to get started?